Turkish Embassy’s 2013 yearbook

Embassy Yearbook 2013

My photos of Turkey in the Embassy’s yearbook.

To try to describe a foreign country is always a hard task.
Living there, trying to understand a different way of life, needs love and respect for the people of a land where a guest is always welcome, but is still a yabanci, a foreigner.

Like all images, photographs are by definition ambiguous, and prone to interpretation, and often I doubt of my ability to represent through my shots such a multilevel reality like the daily life in Turkey.

Still, when the Embassy of the Country where you live as a guest decide to choose some of your photos to depict its own country, you have the feeling to be on the right path.
This year, the Cultural Office of the Republic of Turkey’s Embassy in Italy has decided to insert some of my photos, along with those of other Turkish and Italian photographers, into their 2013 official yearbook.

Thanks to Müzeyyen Nalkesen, the first female Shadow Theater animator, to Urlice Vineyards of Urla and the nameless street kids of Istanbul, some tiny bits of my Turkey can be seen by many as I did through my lens.

“Natural Born Moody”: exhibition in London

"Natural Born Moody": exhibition in London

"Natural Born Moody": exhibition in London


A challenge, the choice among the photos from a year that has been a rainbow of mixed moods and feelings.

A staff made of enthusiast and friendly organizers, and a gallery in the heart of London.

Anger, Happiness, Enthusiasm, Sadness and more have mixed up into thousands of photos, all of them shot in 2011, and have produced the final choice of the ones that will be exhibited at the Vibe Gallery from March 1st to the 10th, thanks the organization of Art Caffe London.

Ten days in London to tell moods and feelings that produced five images. And new emotions.