It happens

Sometimes this is a dangerous job.
It can happen to be too close to two humongous wrestling camels, or too slow in front of a galloping Jereet horse, or on a faulty para-glider.
In my case, it has been something different, and once again I have been very lucky.
To be able to witness what happens, sometimes we have to be close to dangerous places. But the purpose is always to be able to come back with the photos, not to become news.
A big thanks to everybody.

Conference in Venice

Conference in Venice

Giving a lecture at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, about covering events in Turkey as a foreign photojournalist. (photo by Franco Gatti)

Telling the stories we see as witnesses is one of the main goals of our profession.

To meet in person and to have the chance to discuss my point of view with some of the most interested, most educated of my readers and followers has been a rare chance.

To do this at the Ca’ Foscari University which is the main window on Turkey, in that same Venice which has always been the gate and the trading outpost to the East, reciprocating what Turkey is for Europe, has been a unique, unforgettable experience.