Air Games Festival for Blue Skies Mag

Blue Skies Mag #39

Mike Steen ready to land on January 2013 issue of Blue Skies Mag

There are pros and cons of being a (rather nomadic) freelance photojournalist.
The pros are great though, and sometimes they include meeting and cooperating with people awesome enough to be action movie characters, like Annette Lyn O’Neil, and her gang.
She would probably be a common person, if it wasn’t for her head and the many talents that made it ginger. To have such a skilled professional considering and requesting your work to illustrate hers is an achievement by itself. To be part of a selected group of crazy people for some days is a goal worth of working hard for. And the only regret, of not having been able to closely follow Brett Kistler and Jamie Flynn, is a very good reason to try to do it again.