Piero Castellano

Piero Castellano

I am an independent documentary photographer and journalist currently based in Italy.

I write articles, interviews and carefully captioned photo essays in Italian and English.

I primarily focus on human stories framed in their cultural or subcultural context to delve into social, political and economic ramifications.

I pay special attention to evolution of traditional lifestyles adjusting to new realities, with increasing awareness of the climate changes’ impact.

I have worked in Middle East, South America, Africa, the Pacific Ocean, the Balkans. I was based in Turkey from 2011 to 2017, covering cultural, social and political issues, from disappearance of ancient traditions, gentrification and refugees to street protests and terrorist attacks.

After a forced hiatus, I am now based in Genoa, from where I roam as much as I can looking for new stories.

I write professionally in Italian and English. I speak and think in English, I can travel in Spanish and French and I know enough Turkish to live and make friends.

I have a newsletter on Substack and sometimes I rant on Medium .

I am reachable via email or Whatsapp and Signal messaging.